About Us


With over 50 years of combined management experience in the financial services space,  empower group has been a leader in alternative business financing for more than 10 years. Through our commitment to an elevated standard of client service, loyalty and always putting our client’s needs first, we have been able to not only grow consistently as a company, but add value to our clients businesses and lenders portfolios alike. We operate under the philosophy of; “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.

Over the past 10 years the alternative business lending space has evolved dramatically. After the 2008 credit and banking crisis banks were forced to tighten their lending criteria. When this happened the American small and medium sized business suffered from the inability to borrow. As any business owner knows, the ability to access working capital is crucial to growth and success. So with tight banking restrictions in place, an opportunity for private financial institutions to package loans and working capital products for the American small and medium sized business was created.
In the early years the market was very small and the competition was scarce. There were a select few lenders servicing this market which held the cost of capital relatively high. However, over the last few years the industry has grown rapidly. The number of loans and working capital advances being serviced has grown by estimations of 800% during this period. This demand and rate of growth has attracted major players into the industry with new lenders stepping into the space constantly. This competition has been great for the American small business as it has driven the cost of capital down significantly, making these products more appealing to the small business owner.

The Team

The empower group team consists of an ever growing group of individuals who are committed to serving our client’s business financing needs. The team takes pride in it’s collaborative effort to determine the specific needs of our clients. The empower group team creates an environment of high energy and a space for creative solutions so that we are best able to determine the unique financing solutions necessary for each client’s financial objectives and well-being. Our objective is to serve our clients because we understand that the way to be empowered is to empower others. We are the true definition of team: “together everyone accomplishes more”.